It is important to know before requesting a document from the State Civil Registration Department of Ukraine

It is possible to obtain a Vital Statistics document if the vital record is made in the unified state register of the State Civil Registration Department of Ukraine

The documents recorded more than 75 years ago are transferred to the archives of Ukraine in the corresponding regions. We do not receive documents from the archives. You can do this yourself by contacting the corresponding local archive

For a number of reasons, the vital records may not be entered in the register of the State Civil Registration Department of Ukraine, in this case the owner of the document can do this personally by contacting the registry office

Newly issued documents may contain a different volume of information than previously issued samples, for example:

  • at the moment, ethnic nationality is not indicated in the certificates of the registry office. If information about nationality is included in the vital record, then it can be reflected in extracts from the register

  • in the 1950s-1960s, no data on patronymic and place of birth were entered in vital records of birth – this information will also be absent in the new certificates of the new sample (there will be lines in these fields of the document)

  • place of birth / marriage / divorce / death, etc. in new certified copies are indicated in accordance with the administrative-territorial division at the moment. For example, on July 17, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Resolution No. 3650 “On the formation and liquidation of districts”, which formed 136 districts. The old 490 districts were liquidated by the parliament.

The information of a document will reflect the data entered in the vital record at the time of registration.

This applies to any information from the vital record, for example: date, spelling of names, patronymics, surnames, place of registration of the vital record, names of cities (Dnepropetrovsk → Dnipro, Kirovograd → Kropyvnytskyi), etc.

We do not change the vital records. To make changes, the owner of the document must personally contact the registry office at the place of the vital record entered

it is possible to check the availability of a vital record in the register of the State Civil Registration Department of Ukraine, as well as data in the vital record, only by starting the process of obtaining a document from the registry office

Certificates of the Civil Registry Office of Ukraine are issued on new sample form in Ukrainian language

We obtain documents only if issued after 1947

Birth Certificate

Marriage certificate

Divorce Certificate

Death Certificate

Name Change Certificate

Adoption Certificate

Extract from Marriage record of the pre-marital surname

Certificate of Child’s Birth for a single parent

Request a certified copy of the document from the the Civil Registry department, Vital records division of Ukraine, the Courts of Ukraine

ALL REGIONS OF UKRAINE, including Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk regions.

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