Copy of Certificate of Death from Ukraine

Copy of Death Certificate: renewal, retrieval, requesting, obtaining of new original copy

(only for documents issued in Ukraine after 1947 to present time)

Documents issued on the territory of Ukraine before 1947 kept at the corresponding regional archives – we do not provide services for obtaining documents from archives, you can find the contact information of local archives in the Internet yourself

Who can request a copy of Death Certificate?

Persons authorized to apply for a Copy of Death Certificate: This document may be issued to the other spouse, children, including the adopted ones, close relatives of the deceased (brothers and sisters, grandchildren, grandparents)

How to get a Certification of Death?

You can contact the registry office at the place of death and get a Death Certificate in person. The procedure might take few hours or few days.

Or you can fill out an application form on our website and request a certified copy of Death Certificate.

Usually it takes about 1-2 hour within business hours to respond your request to e-mail with the information on process terms and costs. The processing of Death Certificate retrieval takes 5-7 business days. After that the document is ready to be picked up in our office or we can send it by courier or regular mail within Ukraine or abroad.

What information is needed to obtain a copy of the Death Certificate?

Please complete the application form on our website or send to following information:

  • Family name, Given name, Patronymic of the deceased person in the Ukrainian Alphabet

  • Date and place of birth and death

copy ZAGS -ENG lang

The process of requesting a Death Certificate

  • customer sends completed application form online or send the email with the required informaton to

  • we reply with the information on conditions, costs and terms of obtaining the Death Certificate, providing a sample power of attorney for the process

  • we register the order after receiving the original power of attorney from the apllicant

  • we obtain a certified copy of Death Certificate and send you a scanned copy of the certificate to your email

  • upon final payment your order is ready to be picked up in our office or we can send it by mail or courier to the address in Ukraine or internationally.

Authentication of a Death Certificate for validity in foreign countries

If you need a copy of Ukraine Death Certificate to be valid for foreign countries, please specify the country in which Death Certificate will be used when comleting the order form, and we will get necessary authentication seal according to international requirements – with the Apostille seal or with the seals of Legalization of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine and the Consular Legalization seals on the Death Certificate