Reference of Driving License issued in Ukraine

This document certifies that Driving License was issued in Ukraine. This document is produced by the request of the individual and indicates the information of Driving License according to the National database.

In Ukraine, this certificate is issued by the Service Center of Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the signature of the Service Center Director and the Seal.

Kyiv Legalization Center can request a Driving License Certificate issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The customer can order this certificate from us by email

How to order a Certificate of Driving License issued in Ukraine on-line:

  • To order a certificate please send a scanned copy of the Passport and DL to e-mail and Please also indicate for what country you need this Certificate, if you need Apostille, Translation? Please сhoose Delivery option, provide delivery address, name and tel. number. Or you can complete the Order form on this web-page

  • After receiving the above information we will send an invoice for payment to the e-mail addres indicated in the order. Payment methods here

  • The customer has to provide the confirmation of the payment. After receiving payment on the invoice we will start processing the order

  • Upon completion of the order we send a scanned copy of the ready certificate to the customer’s e-mail. The customer confirms that all the information/translation is correct

  • We ship out an original Certificate by the Delivery service chosen when ordering to the customer’s address

Reference of Driving License issued in Ukraine

Довідка про наявність водійського посвідчення (посвідчення водія, “водійських прав”), видана Сервісним Центром Міністерства Внутрішніх Справ*

"DL certificate - Eng"

*if the Driving License allowes to drive only “A”,”B” categories of vehicles – the driving history in the Certificate is not indicated

Apostille for Reference of Driving License of Ukraine

"Apostille MZS DL - ENG" – копія