Extract from Marriage Certificate

Extract from Marriage Certificate: requesting a new copy

(only for documents issued in Ukraine after 1947 to the present)

Documents issued at the territory of Ukraine before 1947 were transferred to the relevant regional archives – we do not provide services for obtaining documents from archives, you can find the contact details of the archives on the Internet yourself

Who is qualified to apply for Extract of Marriage Certificate?

The spouses, children born in this marriage, grandchildren of the above with documents proving family connection can apply for an Extract from Marriage Certificate.

How to get a new copy of Extract from Marriage Certificate in Ukraine?

Extract from Marriage Certificate is issued in case if the Marriage is dissolved or one of the spouses or both spouses are dead. You can apply to the civil registry office at the place of marriage or at the place of residence and receive an Extract from Marriage Certificate in person. In this case, be ready to spend some time waiting in line at the registry office, paying receipts at the bank – from several hours to several days.

Or you can fill out application form for requesting a new copy of Marriage Certificate from any vital department of Ukraine. We can get Extract from Marriage Certificate from any city / locality of Ukraine.

We will process your request within 1-2 business hours, reply with a message to the email, and then proceed with the process of requesting the Extract from Marriage Certificate. It usually takes 5-7 business days to request an Extract from Marriage Certificate. After that, we are ready to give out it at our office or post it by mail or courier delivery srvice to an address within Ukraine or abroad

What information is required for requesting a new copy of Marriage Certificate?

Please fill out the applicatoin form at this resource or provide to klc@klc.kiev.ua following:

  • Full name of the spouses including patronymic (as indicated in the Marriage Certificate) in Ukrainian

  • Date and place of Marriage

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How to get a new copy of Extract from Marriage Certificate?

Steps of the process

  • the applicant provides us with application form filled out at the website or send the information to email klc@klc.kiev.ua

  • we reply to applicant’s email with information on the terms of requesting of certificate, provide the sample of power of attorney to conduct the process

  • we register the order after receiving the poa from the applicant

  • applicant makes partial prepayment for the process

  • we obtain the new copy of the certificate and send scanned copy of the new certificate to the applicant’s email

  • after final payment we send the paper copy of the certificate by mail or courier delivery service to the address (within Ukraine or international) indicated in application